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The Cularin Compact was a negotiated agreement which ended the Tarasin Revolt between the native Tarasin and off-world developers, including the Trade Federation.[1]


The Tarasin Revolt began in 161 BBY on Cularin. After several years of conflict, negotiations were attempted by the Trade Federation for months after two Jedi Consulars from the Almas Academy attempted to bring about peace and secure the stability of the Cularin System. After several fruitless months of discussion, an agreement was finally reached in 154 BBY.[1]

The compact itself outlined protected rights of the native Tarasin and sharply curtailed the off-world companies' ability to harm the planet's ecosystem with their business ventures involving the planet's natural resources. The treaty also protected the local fauna, including the Kilassin.[1]

Though peace came slowly, the native Tarasin and aliens began to work together to harvest the planet's resources while protecting the delicate ecological balance of the planet.[1]



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