The Cularin Militia asteroid base was a military base in the Cularin system asteroid belt that was used by the Cularin Militia during the Clone Wars.


When the Thaereian military began their Blockade of the Cularin system, it became difficult for the Militia to send supplies to the base. They hired the crime lord Nirama to deliver supplies to it and he had Veneziano Haas send the Heroes of Cularin to this. However, the Militia abandoned the base and a Thaereian squad commanded by Lorwin Derlynn. The heroes arrived and were confronted by the Thaereians. The heroes tried to persuade the squad to abandon Thaere and came out of this encounter unharmed. Afterward, they left the base to search for the missing Militia personnel. The Militia soon after reoccupied the base, while the heroes were away.