Cularin Star Tours, also known as Cularin Stellar Tours or CST was a company that operated in the Cularin system.


The company was founded by Janvar Jan around the time of the Clone Wars and hired out luxury yachts to tourists. Jan owned three yachts for this: the Twilight's Kiss, the Crest of Dawn and the Perihelion. In order to satisfy his insurance, he was also required to have a safety ship to protect the others, a task that was performed by the Starchaser IV. Jan also had a secret unmarked fifth ship, which he had some pirates use for smuggling and which could change its transponder signal to masquerade as any of the other ships.

When he opened the business, he hired out the Crest to the Sullustan Syub Kyak, the Kiss to Sargo VenHalgon and the Perihelion to the Liana Liberators, who were posing as members of the Alderaanian Biological Research Institute. However, a crew from Naboo who were set to work on the Starchaser failed to arrive, but Jan was able at the last minute to hire the Heroes of Cularin to perform this task for a few days.