Cularin Swamp Run

The course of the Cularin Swamp Run

The Cularin Swamp Run was a pod racing circuit that passed through a swamp in the jungles of Cularin.

The courseEdit

The Swamp Run consisted of two laps around the circuit. At the start, the racers would face their first obstacle in the form of three that were leaning together, forcing them to pass through the openings between them. They would then pass a large downed tree, that caused the track to narrow. This would then be followed by a sharp 15 degrees turn and then a series of other turns. The track then entered a boggy and foggy area of the swamp, where there was low visibility. A large skeleton blocked the course here and the racers had to pass through it's ribcage. Afterwards, there would be a 135 degree turn and a 15 degree turn, after which, there was a patch of trees obstructing the course. The course then narrowed again due to a heap of old mining equipment that lay in the middle of it. One last hazard was posed by a number of tree stumps sticking out of the water and shortly after passing this, the racers would then make their way back to the starting point. Throughout the circuit, an additional threat was posed by the presence of Dianogas, a type of aquatic predator.


The circuit was opened in about 31 BBY[1] and was attended by a lot of people on Cularin. Skall Delos, one of the galaxy's few Human podracers, came to participate. However, he was shot down during the race by Alina Impeveri and a group of her thugs, as she had framed her father to make it appear that he was having dealings with the Trade Federation and Delos had evidence that could prove his innocence. However, Delos escaped from her and was rescued by the Heroes of Cularin.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The Living Force Campaign Guide dates the start of the Living Force campaign to one year after the Invasion of Naboo, an event that is placed in 32 BBY by The New Essential Chronology. The events of Peaces can therefore be dated to about 31 BBY.