"One of the luxuries afforded me for the part of Kota was that LucasArts provided me with a script, character breakdown, and artwork of the character ahead of time. My recollection of that day wasn't so much that I walked in as Kota, but that the team was able to coax the character out of me. It was like the collaboration had already begun before I was even given the part."
―Cully Fredricksen[src]

Cully Fredricksen portrayed General Rahm Kota in the video games The Force Unleashed, The Force Unleashed II and Battlefront: Elite Squadron. He was credited as Cully Fredericksen in the first Force Unleashed game, and Cully Fredrickson in articles.


Fredricksen is an actor known to be heavily involved with science fiction productions such as Star Trek: First Contact as the Vulcan Captain (the first acknowledged alien to set foot on Earth) and Star Trek: Voyager as Dereth. He also appeared in several other TV series, such as Midnight Caller, Silk Stalkings, ER and Renegade.

Fredricksen was the first actor cast for The Force Unleashed video game. One of several actors who read for the part, he approached the reading fully in-character, which initially made W. Haden Blackman, the casting director, believe that the actor may be standoffish and difficult to work with. However, it was soon realized that Fredricksen was just being Kota. That, combined with the actor's physicality and his ability to produce a wide range of facial expressions, convinced the production team to hire him as the gruff general. Fredricksen was described by Blackman as the "consummate professional," and "a lot of fun to work with."[1]

He later re-recorded voice-over dialogue for the character in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition, and reprised his role as Kota in Battlefront: Elite Squadron (uncredited) and The Force Unleashed II.


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