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The Culroon were the natives of the planet Culroon III in Wild Space.


The Culroon were native to the planet Culroon III. A long history of violence and warfare amongst the population led to them never developing any form of space travel, although they were contacted by off-world traders through which they acquired energy weapons. One of the Culroon, a male named Kloff, used the influx of energy weapons to unit the people under his rule.[1]

During Kloff's rule, the Galactic Empire arrived on Culroon III to subjugate the planet. The Imperial commanding officer, General Irrv, arranged a ceremony between the Empire and the Culroon where they would exchange ceremonial weapons as a symbol of Culroon capitulation. Irrv's plan was questioned by one of his Junior Lieutenants, Maximilian Veers, who had studied the Culroon and knew that such a ceremony was unheard of in the planet's history and that a show of force would be more effective.[1]

During the ceremony, Kloff killed Irrv's aide, Colonel Jeffers, and signalled an ambush on the Imperial force that was eventually routed by the arrival of an All Terrain Armored Transport commanded by Veers.[1]



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