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Cult Encounters of the Star Wars Universe was an RPG article written for an unpublished issue of Star Wars Gamer. It was to be written by Joe Bongiorno and Rich Handley, and illustrated by Joe Corroney. It was to be followed up by Supernatural Encounters in the Star Wars Universe.

From an email from BongiornoEdit

Source:  EmailAttribution:  Joe Bongiorno

My article (co-written by Rich Handley) was "Cult Encounters of the Star Wars Universe". I'm not sure what clever title the editor had in mind, but that was essentially the title we had in mind. Joe Corroney likely would have supplied the artwork.

It covered: The Guild of Vindicators (Devilworlds: Dark Lord's Conscience) The Ancient Order of Pessimists (Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire) Seekers of the Soul Worm (Devilworlds: The Pandora Effect) The Order of the Terrible Glare (Devilworlds: Blind Fury)

The basic premise was that we provided inside information for the Game Master, explaining who these cultists were, what beings or principles they served, what powers they might have had, what their main objectives were, etc.

The Order of the Terrible Glare portion had some brief dialogue between Luke and Bodo Baas from the Holocron. Also, the article on the Ancient Order of Pessimists was a lighter, more humorous piece (in keeping with their character) unlike the others which were much darker…

There was no exact date set for publication (for the Cults piece). It should have followed up the Alien Encounters by an issue or two (which is why it was sent to LFL for approval), but Gamer was cancelled before it could be published.


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