The Curamel Intergalactic Spaceport was a spaceport on the planet Esseles. It was the location where Jango Fett docked Slave I during his pursuit of Senator Rodd and Hurlo Holowan. It was also the location where Bounty Hunters' Guild head Cradossk and his son Bossk were stationed in pursuit of the same individuals. Bossk captured Boba Fett who had left Slave I, but not the docking bay, while looking for a scrap piece of durasteel. The young Fett was eventually recovered by his father on the ship of Cradossk.

Upon returning to the vessel, the Fetts were greeted by bounty hunter Zam Wesell, who was in disguise as an old woman. Wesell joined the Fetts on their ship and took a subcontract to hunt Holowan. Wesell then commandeered a StarNailer-class fighter from the space station and piloted it toward Kuat.