"This Lantillian short hauler, dubbed Cutter's Way is in prime condition."
Fiz Cor'gril trying to sell the ship[src]

Cutter's Way was a GX1 Short Hauler that was part of the stock of Fizzi's Slightly Used Ships during the Galactic Civil War. A previous owner had started the conversion of this yacht into a light freighter and could be outfitted to serve as either one, or both. Before it landed in the Bith Fiz Cor'gril's shipyard it had been heavily modified with increased shields and armaments among other things.


Cutter's Way was a modified space yacht that was 27 meters in length. It boasted a slightly more powerful engine then a stock model capable of reaching speeds of 850 km/h in atmosphere. Its hyperdrive had also been upgraded to a Class 1.0 speed. The backup hyperdrive remained the same at a Class 15.0. It boasted heavier deflector shields and was protected by three turreted laser cannons. Two of the laser cannons were fire linked while the third was a light laser cannon. It took a crew of two and could carry up to six passengers and had consumables good for a single month. Its cargo bays were slightly smaller then a stock ship at only 80 metric tons. It came equipped with sensor arrays, lifesupport, and a navicomputer.[1]

The ship was equipped with an unusual modification, a power flux surger that would allow it to boost either shields or weapons by up to 50% at the expense of other systems. The Verpine mechanic Garginoolaara, who worked at Fizzi's Slightly Used Ships was able to fix most of the bugs in the surger. Originally the device would blow out the other systems but Garginoolaara was able to reduce that to just drawing power away to the other systems.[1]


While its prior ownership is unknown, during the Galactic Civil War it was for sale by the Bith Fiz Cor'gril at his shop on the planet Trevi IV. He had it for sale for 55,000AurebeshSans-Serif credit. Garginoolaara had originally wanted to remove the experimental power flux surger from the ship but Cor'gril was able to get him to settle for just fixing the broken system instead.[1]

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Cutter's Way was designed by John J. Richardson III for the article Fizzi's Slightly Used Starships that was published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 9 in February 1996. It was published as a supplement to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game created by West End Games.


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