"Never again will you be forced to wear a professional party smile when, for all you know, the Cuvacian ambassador has just made a disparaging remark about your parental heritage. With a CLS transliterator you can identify the off-color remark for what it is, and, much to your guest's surprise, return the compliment in kind with a verbal repartee that will mark you as a social force to be reckoned with."
Galladinium's Galactic Datalog of Fantastic Technology[src]

The Cuvacians were a sentient species[1] native to the Cuvacia system, a star system in the Core Worlds.[2] The species spoke a language other than basic. For that reason, the 50th anniversary issue of Galladinium's Galactic Datalog of Fantastic Technology used the example of a Cuvacian ambassador to illustrate the advantages of the Consolidated Learning Systems Transliterator.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Cuvacians were created for the roleplaying game sourcebook Galladinium's Fantastic Technology, published by West End Games in 1995. They are not explicitly identified as a species, however this is implied by the context of the mention which states that the transliterator is "not simply an alien language phrase translator."


Notes and referencesEdit

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