An a sentient individual of a long-necked species, Cy Yunga was a noted Podracer pilot who raced prior to the Battle of Naboo. His Podracer was a fast racer with tall, thin engines, painted a bright red color with the image of a comet painted on the sides of both engines. Cy Yunga attained some fame on the planet of Aquilaris, shining alongside the pilot named "Bullseye" Navior. At some point before 29 BBY, Yunga participated in a race on the Outer Rim planet of Tatooine, where he raced against several pilots, including the Devlikk Wan Sandage, the Gran Mawhonic, the Toong Ben Quadinaros, and the tall Bozzie Baranta. Yunga's Podracer eventually ended up in a junkyard located in the Tatooine city of Mos Espa, which was owned by the Toydarian merchant named Watto.

Behind the scenesEdit

Yunga's name was based on that of LucasArts' Senior Artist Clint Young.[source?]

Yunga is a playable character in the Nintendo 64 version of Star Wars: Episode I Racer. Yunga is not available in normal play, but is accessed by using the cheat codes RRCYYUN or RRTANGENTABACUS. Upon activation, Cy yunga completely replaces all aspects of the character Bullseye Navior, including the game's record listings and as the track favorite for the game's Sunken City course.



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