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The Podracer pilot Cy Yunga flew a Podracer that featured a red, white, and yellow paint scheme, and pictured a comet on both engines. The engines were largely vertical in design, with a rather thin width. Each engine was adorned with a turning wing to aid in handling, and the cockpit sported the appearance of a small speeder, with two exhaust ports sticking off of either side and decorative spines behind the pilot's seat. It was often the favorite whenever it showed up on the Outer Rim planet of Aquilaris, most notably the Sunken City race course. The vehicle had decent overall capabilities including tight steering, decent acceleration, and a high top-speed.[2] Sometime around 32 BBY, the engines found their way into a junkyard on the Outer Rim planet Tatooine, which was owned by the Toydarian merchant Watto.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This Podracer was selectable for play only if the player entered the code RRCYYUN or RRTANGENTABACUS for the Nintendo 64 version of Star Wars: Episode I Racer. Upon entry, Cy Yunga fully replaces "Bullsye" Navior.[2] In the Sega Dreamcast and PC versions of the game, the engines appear only in Watto's junkyard. The Podracer and its pilot also appears in the game's Prima guide, which was written for the PC version of the game, despite Yunga not appearing in that version.[3]



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