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"Kills conduit worms where they live!"
―Tag line for Cyanoxis D-587[src]

Cyanoxis D-587 was a poison produced by a company called Toxico that was designed to exterminate conduit worms, vermin that thrived on the planet of Coruscant. In 23 and 22 BBY, Toxico advertised Cyanoxis D-587 on Coruscant's HoloNet News, employing a disclaimer stating that the poison was not intended as a weapon.


Cyanoxis D-587 was a poison designed to kill conduit worms,[1] annelids that infested Coruscant, feeding off the electrical wiring channels that ran throughout the planet.


A company, Toxico, manufactured Cyanoxis D-587 during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. In the years 23 and 22 BBY, Toxico placed an advertisement for Cyanoxis D-587 in Coruscant's HoloNet News. In the advertisement, Toxico claimed that the poison would eliminate conduit worms in their natural habitat. The company also placed small a disclaimer in their advertisement, stating that Cyanoxis D-587 was not to be used as a weapon.[1]

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An advert for Cyanoxis D-587 was featured in HoloNet News, an in-universe website created in 2002 to publicize the upcoming film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.


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