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"Deviate from your approved flight path, and you will be obliterated. Welcome to the Corellian Industrial Cluster. Welcome to Cymoon 1."
―An Imperial traffic controller[src]

Cymoon 1 was a moon located in the Corellian Industrial Cluster. It housed Weapons Factory Alpha, the largest weapons factory in the galaxy. In the weeks after the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance to Restore the Republic learned that the Empire was to enter negotiations with Jabba the Hutt. The Alliance Fleet intercepted Jabba's envoy before sending several of its heroes to assault Cymoon 1.


Cymoon 1 was a dirty-brown moon of the Corellian Industrial Cluster,[2] a remainder of Corellia's corporate exploitation of nearby worlds in the Expansion Region.[1] The moon had an expansive cloud cover, and an orbital debris ring. It featured Weapons Factory Alpha, an Imperial weapons factory considered the largest in the galaxy, and one of the most heavily-guarded bases in the Empire. The area consisted of extensive refuse fields surrounding a complex of industrial buildings rising towards the rust-colored sky. Automated sentries patrolled the garbage, and a native species called the trash fields home. Within the factory complex, machines worked non-stop to construct TIE fighters and other armaments for the Empire. Although Overseer Aggadeen claimed the factory was fully automated, it made use of slave labor, and kept prisoners of multiple species on its lower levels.[2]

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