This article is about the Anti-Republic Liberation Front mercenary. You may be looking for Sindra, the Sith apprentice of Thannor Keth.
"Lucky for you she's a professional."

Cyndra was a female Chiss who served as a member of the Anti-Republic Liberation Front. She, along with Paak, survived and fled from the Duel on Serenno, a failed kidnapping attempt on Tarsus Valorum. Later, on orders from Hetton, she forcefully led "Rainah" to her leader. It was revealed in their ride to Hetton's mansion that at one point she was romantically involved with Kelad'den.

During the meeting with Hetton, Darth Zannah used Sith sorcery on Cyndra which drove her insane, seeing a vision of Kelad'den among other things. After clawing her eyes out, she suffered a seizure, which left her in a permanent catatonic state and her death at the hands of Darth Zannah.

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