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The Cynestra Space Craft Show was a space craft show held during the Galactic Civil War.


This space show was held above the planet Cynestra. On the seventh day of this show, Elhon Tay of Tay Industries revealed a single prototype of the D-Wing Space Superiority Fighter. Tay wanted the Empire to buy the craft so it could replace the Empire's TIE fighters, which had a lot of design flaws. He knew that he would never be able to sell his craft to the Empire without first proving that it was worth buying, so he began using expensive advertisements to lore the Imperial Navy in buying his ship. Sienar Fleet Systems, the main producer of the Imperial TIE fighters, was not happy to let this small corporation get the better of them and so they secretly sent agents to the show to sabotage the prototype fighter before it could be unveiled, but they failed to do so.

Rogan B.B. Cham, a HoloNet News reporter and a Rebel spy, was one of the people who was also going to attend the space show and soon he learned that a new and powerful starfighter was going to be revealed at the show. He contacted agents of the Rebel Intelligence, who arranged a Captain called Reeves to meet a group of Rebels in The Atomic Punk, a closed nightclub and secret Rebel base on the planet Yukka. Reeves gave them all the intel necessary for them to capture the D-wing prototype. The group then met Cham, who transported them to the show in his ship, The Doobage, and smuggled them in, by unloading them as cargo.

The group was tasked to either capture or destroy the prototype, but was not given any plan of how to do it, and this meant they had to improvise. It caused problems when Grand Moff Torith showed up. Torith had also expressed interest in the starfighter. It was Elhon Tay's plan to impress Torith with his fighter, so he would buy it and use it in his fight against the Rebellion. The Rebel agents, however, wanted to kill the Grand Moff immediately for the problems he had caused the Rebel Alliance. They managed to control themselves and avoided being found for the next seven days. The agents were then able to eliminate both Torith and steal the prototype starfighter.