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A land dispute occured on the planet Cyphar between the local Cyphari Afe clan and human colonists based on the Hollenside Enclave that were trespassing Afe territory due to the alleged discovery of valuable minerals and metals.


Although human colonists and the Afe clan lived peacefully, humans began intrusions into the Afe territory, which soon escalated into raids and retaliatory strikes in defense by the Afe clan. After several months the colonists were aided by the mysterious Nightswan and their tactics soon became more aggressive. After the clan sent reports to the Galactic Empire about their situation and after several skirmishes and incursions erupted, Commander Thrawn and the Thunder Wasp requested the mission.[1]


After Thrawn arrived along with Ensign Eli Vanto, Thrawn met with Pord Benchel, the mayor of the colony, along with 9 other members to listen to their complaints. After the conference, Thrawn and Vanto headed to meet Chief Joko of the Afe clan. After hearing Joko's complaints and learning more about the dispute, Thrawn analyzed the land around him and noticed that the crops developed improperly as a result of heavy metal poisoning. Thrawn informed Joko to move his people from the area as he anticipated a strong human incursion. Thrawn and Vanto also noticed that the movement of the human colonists are moving further northward towards the larger Cyphari cities in order to provoke the Afe clan into attacking.[1]

Thrawn and Vanto remained in the area inside the Afe clan meetinghouse to monitor the human colonists as they trespassed. After monitoring the colonists, the pair learned that the colonists were actually attempting to collect scarn, a pre-spice compound that grew under the crops. Thrawn called in Imperial reinforcements and instructed to use stun. After Thrawn and Vanto took up positions, they engaged the colonists just as Imperial forces were landing and after capturing most of the colonists, they learned from Clay Tanoo that no raid were made for the night, instead the conspirators were to move their supply to a safe location, and since the scarn was not a spice yet, it was not a crime.[1]

Thrawn ordered his forces to protect Afe lands if a skirmish were to erupt, and ordered Lieutenant Gimm to map the vein of scarn under the land. After doing so, Thrawn ordered the Thunder Wasp to fire, destroying the scarn but also damaging Afe land. The next morning, Joko protested to Thrawn, and informed him that he planned to appeal his action to Coruscant. Due to Thrawn's actions, his superiors were furious. In the end however the majority of the colonists were not aware of the true motivations of their fellow humans.[1]


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