The Personal Concealment System, Mark VI was a stealth suit designed by Cyricept for use in covert operations. The Mark VI, when activated, was able to bend different kind of waves, including light, sound, and electromagnetic, around itself, making the suit and its wearer essentially invisible. The suit and mask were also able to raise or lower the emitting temperatures to match those around it, making the suit invisible to thermal sensors and preventing the water vapor in the wearer's breath from condensing in cold temperatures. The suit often included a similarly cloaked pouch, which was large enough to carry a blaster pistol.

The suit did have some drawbacks, however; It was not totally invisible, and when looking directly at it, one might see an almost phantasmal silhouette. It was also less useful in environments that included rain, snow, or ashfall, as the precipitation would often stick to the suit.

Narsk Ka'hane wore one during his infiltration of the Daimanate Dynamic Testing Facility on Darkknell. It was stolen by Jedi Knight Kerra Holt, who used it to sneak aboard the Sith Lord Daiman's ship, the Era Daimanos.


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