Cyrkon was a toxic planet located in the Outer Rim Territories, on the edge of Hutt Space. In the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin, Lieutenant Caluan Ematt of the Alliance to Restore the Republic went into hiding on Cyrkon after escaping an ambush by the Galactic Empire on Taanab.[1]


Cyrkon was notorious as a hub for pirates and smugglers. There was around half a dozen cities scattered across the planet. The capital, Motok, had a landing bay in one of the largest facilities on the edge of the city. The local government was as corrupt as the Imperial one, and with enough credits, one could bribe or buy their way to just about anything they needed. While there was a working economy on the planet, real business was made on the black market, dealing in goods, weapons, spice and sometimes even slaves. Anything worth money could be bought or sold in one of Cyrkon's cities.[1]


Long before the fall of the Republic, when Cyrkon was first colonized, it had been an ideal, almost idyllic world, situated perfectly in the habitable zone from its single star. Since then, the atmosphere had become poisonous as industrial and commercial ventures had filled it with toxins. The temperature had skyrocketed, the surface had begun to overheat, resulting in a runaway greenhouse effect, which meant all inhabitants had to live within domed cities with regulated temperature and atmosphere controls. These cities became overpopulated and underserved.[1]


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