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"Good luck, your highness"
―Cyrus to Queen Amidala[src]

Cyrus was a male member of the Royal Naboo Security Forces on the peaceful planet Naboo. He served during the Invasion of Naboo in the year 32 BBY.[2] By the time Naboo's Queen Padmé Amidala returned after her mission to the galactic capital Coruscant, the Trade Federation invaders had complete control of the planet. Cyrus and other Security Force soldiers were captured and imprisoned in the Theed Royal Palace, but before their capture they had hidden the passkeys to the palace. Cyrus held the white pass key. The Queen infiltrated Theed, and planned on capturing the Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray.[1]

Amidala gained entrance to the palace and rescued one of the Palace Guards, who told about Cyrus and the other prisoners. Amidala gained entrance to where Cyrus was being held at via a hidden door and asked for the key. Cyrus gave her the white pass key, and Amidala placed him in charge of the prisoners before she left to continue her mission. Before she left, Cyrus wished the Queen good luck.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Cyrus is a character who appears in the 1999 video game Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (video game). It is necessary to gain access to the room where Cyrus is being held, either by a hidden door or a door guarded by a squad of destroyer droids. This article assumes the player, in the guise of Queen Amidala, took the secret route. When the player reaches the room, they engage Cyrus in a series of dialogues to acquire the white passkey.



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