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"Please pose your questions to our Representative Kiosk on Coruscant. Business hours please."
―Czerka Corporation Protocol Officer to Revan[src]

A Human female served as the protocol officer for Czerka Corporation's branch office in Anchorhead settlement, on the desert world of Tatooine during the Jedi Civil War. Although her job was supposed to be serving as a service representative to Czerka customers and others making inquiries to the company, she spent the bulk of her time evading difficult questions by telling people with complaints to contact the corporation's Coruscant offices.


When Revan visited Anchorhead during his search for the Rakatan Star Map that was located on that planet, the protocol officer offered him a considerable reward if he would eliminate the Sand People presence from the vicinity of Anchorhead, as they were becoming a serious nuisance to Czerka's mining operations. However, with the translating capabilities of HK-47, Revan managed to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Because the protocol officer only demanded the Sand People chieftain's gaffi stick to be brought to her as a proof of success, which the latter willingly offered to Revan as a sign of his gratitude, she may have never learned the true fate of the Sand People tribe.

After some hesitation, she also provided Revan with information regarding Mission Vao's brother Griff. According to what she had heard from his crew chief, he was not a very good employee. Seemingly he was often faking injuries and complaining to avoid having to do work. Furthermore, he entered false time sheets and slept through his work shifts. Czerka Corporation even suspected him of stealing supplies, although according to the Czerka Corporation Protocol Officer they could never prove such a thing. Some time before Revan arrived to Tatooine, Griff had apparently been abducted by Sand People. The Czerka Corporation Protocol Officer explained to Revan that they had not made any rescue efforts. As she said, all miners working for the Czerka Corporation have to sign a waiver absolving Czerka Corporation of liability in circumstances like the present ones. Literally, she explains, it was just not cost effective to keep searching for him. Since they never found the body of Griff, the Czerka Corporation Protocol Officer assumed he had been taken prisoner.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the player, as Revan, can also choose to exterminate the Sand People's tribe, which also leads them to the Star Map and gives them Czerka's reward for the chieftain's gaffi. However, as it is considered to be a dark-side decision, it is not considered canon.

The 'skin' used for the protocol officer is the exact same as one of the female Revans.


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