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The Czerka Landing Port was located on Kashyyyk. Built by Czerka Corporation and run by Janos Wertka, it was near the Wookiee village of Rwookrrorro, connected by the Great Walkway, so Czerka could enslave the native Wookiees there. It once had a shop owned by Eli Gand, and briefly, Matton Dasol.

When the Ebon Hawk, led by the redeemed Jedi Revan, landed, Revan was greeted by Janos Wertka. Zaalbar, Revan's companion, told Revan that he was exiled from Kashyyyk because he attacked his brother. Later Zaalbar was taken into custody for returning. Meanwhile, Revan was granted access to the Shadowlands to kill an insane Wookiee.

After escaping and siding with Freyyr, Zaalbar rejoined Revan, and when Revan made it back to the landing pad, he witnessed the Wookiees fighting Czerka employees. He helped the Wookiees. Soon, Czerka abandoned Kashyyyk.


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