Czerka Secret Weapons Division 7 was an underground complex located below the Dune Sea on Tatooine. It was a secret research complex run by Czerka Corporation to study Rakata technology discovered on Tatooine, but the Imprisoned One's mind prison took control of the Rakatan artifacts and transformed the personnel into cyborg slaves.


Decades before the Cold War, the division was established on the planet Tatooine to investigate a type-seven device which was the designation for a weapon capable of destroying an entire world. The scientists attached to the division had actually uncovered a Rakatan Mind prison that contained the Imprisoned One. Grommik Kurthson served as a security officer for the division when the relic was activated and killed all the scientists which left Kurthson the only survivor who lived an isolated life in the deserts of Tatooine.

During the Cold War, the existence of the division was eventually discovered by Republic Strategic Information Service agent Fauler who later tasked a Galactic Republic spacer with uncovering its secrets. At the same time, Gayem Leksende of Czerka's special enforcement branch intended to recover the secrets of the division for himself.

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The Czerka complex was created for Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released by BioWare on December 20, 2011.



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