Sen III, best known as D'ian, was a planet with balmy weather and shallow seas that was located within the D'ian system of the Outer Rim Territories. After the rise of the Galactic Empire, which formed in 19 BBY, the planet came to be part of the Corporate Sector, an area of space controlled by the Corporate Sector Authority. While a part of the Corporate Sector, D'ian became a thriving merchant world with several successful business schools.


D'ian was a small planet[1] located in the D'ian system[2] of the Tingel Arm in the Outer Rim Territories. The world was characterized by its balmy, placid weather and its shallow seas.[1] The plant was the origin of various flowers and plants that were judged to be very aesthetically pleasing. Among these, the plant known as the D'ian orchid vine grew on D'ian.[6]


The region of space that D'ian fell within was first widely explored between the years 5000 BBY[7] and 3704 BBY, by which time it had become part of the hyperlane known as the Morellian Trail. In 3704 BBY the hyperspace scout Freia Kallea joined the Morellian Trail to another hyperlane known as the Spurs of Celanon as part of the formation of a super-hyperroute known as the Hydian Way,[5] which included D'ian as part of its route. The system the planet was located in acted as the junction between the Hydian Way and another hyperlane known as the Shaltin Tunnels.[4]

Orchard vine AotE

Orchid vines grew on D'ian.

Following the rise of the Galactic Empire[4] after its formation in 19 BBY,[8] D'ian was one of many planets that were included in the newly expanded Corporate Sector. Its inclusion in the Corporate Sector meant that it fell under the control of the Corporate Sector Authority, the controlling body of the sector.[4] As part of the Corporate sector it became a thriving merchant world, and several of the sector's leading business schools were set up there. Orchid vines were exported from D'ian, and became a common sight throughout the sector.[1] By 25 ABY, Di'an fell within a region of space in which the average population per planet was between one billion and ten billion sentient beings.[9]

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Sen III was first mentioned in A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, a sourcebook written by Raymond L. Velasco and released in 1994. The book described the planet as the source of the orchid vines mentioned in Han Solo's Revenge in which the orchid vines are named D'ian orchid vine. In The Essential Atlas, a sourcebook written by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry and released in 2009, the planet D'ian was described as the origin of the orchid vines. It was given a short summary as part of a list of planets in the Corporate Sector and its location was shown on a map of the region. Jason Fry confirmed during discussions about the Star Wars: The Essential Atlas Online Companion that Sen III and D'ian are the same planet that is more commonly known as D'ian.


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