D'lonis was a smuggler.


Some time during 1 ABY, D'lonis traveled to a city on Tatooine with a group of fellow smugglers. Not long after, a bounty hunter named Tearfin located D'lonis and her associates, suspecting her of being a thief who stole some valuable equipment.

Tearfin interrogated D'lonis, but could not determine whether she was innocent or guilty. A spacer eventually came along to help Tearfin. After interrogating all the smugglers, the spacer cleared D'lonis of any suspicions, concluding that Rh'klin was in fact the thief.

Behind the scenesEdit

D'lonis is a Non-Player Characters (NPC's) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. She periodically spawns in random cities across Tatooine, along with Tearfin and the five other smugglers. Players taking part in the "Hero of Tatooine" quest-line must interrogate D'lonis and the other smugglers, to determine which one is Tearfin's mark.

Due to the nature of the game, D'onis' appearance fluctuates, but she is always a female.