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The Imperial laboratory on the planet D'vouran was an abandoned underground laboratory. The facility was discovered by Kevreb Bebo after his ship, the Misanthrope crash-landed on the planet. Bebo later showed the facility to Tash Arranda and DV-9 in 0 ABY. The facility had Imperial markings and was left with no vital information as all the computers were either taken or their files deleted. At one end of the facility was an entryway into a large cavern that appeared to have no bottom. Some vials of chemicals and an amulet were left at the site. The amulet was passed from Bebo to Tash Arranda for her to use as safe keeping. As she left, a Gank killer murdered Bebo by throwing him into the depths of the planet. It was later revealed that the laboratory was a location used during Project Starscream, in which the sentient planet was created.