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The D'vouran amulet was a pendant made from a tiny device within a small crystal. It was used by Tash Arranda on D'vouran to prevent heself and her brother,Zak Arranda, from being consumed by the planet. The amulet emitted a force field that protected the wearer and anyone directly touching the wearer. An amulet was discovered by Kevreb Bebo in the hidden laboratory which had been abandoned on the planet. He used it as protection for himself, but eventually gave it to Tash Arranda upon her willingness to hear his story. Tash used the amulet to protect herself and her brother Zak by holding his hand.

When the Enzeen leader Chood was thrown into the Heart of D'vouran, the planet consumed one of the amulets. The force field caused the planet to violently react, with the surface acting as molten material, consuming and absorbing anything it could reach.