"The CIS has received credits for defending our D-1600 fleet."
―Anonymous B1 battle droid[src]

The D-1600 fleet was a fleet that was part of the navy of the CIS fighting in the Clone Wars. It included at least three large capital ships as well as several starfighters, berthed in the fleet's main vessels.

Order of battleEdit

Main forceEdit

Although the Lucrehulk-class battleships rarely engaged in battle, the Providence-class carrier/destroyers served as capital ships and the Munificent-class star frigates served as the main frigates.

Support shipsEdit

Some of the smaller fighters of the fleet included Vulture droids, serving mainly as the basic fighters. Tri-fighters were the faster, more maneuverable ships. Lastly, the Belbullab-24 strike bomber was the main bombing ship. The fleet also included several droid gunships, used as landing craft to heavily cripple enemy fleets.


The fleet carried a force of droid marines and droid pilots. Marines often used droid gunships to board enemy Venator-class Star Destroyers.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Star Wars: Battlefront II, the Lucrehulk-class battleships are never in the playable area.