D-3X was an assassin droid henchman of a local crime lord living during the Cold War and Galactic War.

Behind the scenesEdit

D-3X appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic during the Bounty Hunting Week event. He can appear on any of the following worlds: Ord Mantell, Coruscant, Nal Hutta, Dromund Kaas, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Alderaan and Voss as a henchman of a local crime lord, including Brogon, Samovan Bann, Grov, Kreegan Ramar, Eryn Talosa, Claw and others. The player has then the option to kill him or capture him alive. As such, his role in the game is almost entirely random or player-driven and a canonical path currently cannot be determined.