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D-A02 was a repair and protocol droid that belonged to a freighter crew of which Matton Dasol was a member, during the time of the Jedi Civil War. A few months prior to the end of the war, D-A02's ill-fated masters made a stop over on the planet Kashyyyk to resupply. While Matton, the crew's mechanic, was hired to help work for the merchant Eli Gand by fixing his own ship, Eli tricked the rest of them to journey into the dangerous Shadowlands. Once there, D-A02 witnessed and recorded in his last minutes as the merchant ambushed the crew and murdered them with a blaster, before D-A02 himself was severely damaged.

Revan and the crew of the Ebon Hawk discovered the still flickering remains of the forgotten droid only a few months later when Revan searched the Shadowlands for the hidden Star Map. Examining the dismantled droid for salvaging, Revan found that D-A02's motivator still carried the audio recording of it and its masters' last moments. When Revan tried to take D-A02's parts for scrap, however, a short circuit tripped, frying the droid's components and slightly injuring Revan in the process. Still, the head was recognizable enough, and so Revan and his companions were able to use it to prove Eli's deceit and free Matton from his indentured servitude, enabling him to take over the fleeing merchant's former holdings.

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