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K-X12d was a battle droid that was owned by the hunter Tanis Venn in 3956 BBY. It had been reprogrammed by Venn to help during his hunts for desert wraid. It was sabotaged by Venn's wife, Marlena, in order to make it explode if Tanis left the place where the droids surrounded him. Revan repaired the droid, freeing Tanis, who rewarded him with a number of credits.

Behind the scenesEdit

The player, as Revan, has a number of options when dealing with Tannis's predicament. He can either leave Tannis to rot or cause the droids to explode deliberately; both of these actions result in a dark side alignment shift. If the player chooses to help him, it is possible to fix the droid by solving a logic puzzle, or to simply use repair parts.


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