"That wasn't part of the plan—those things can fly!"
―"Tech" and "Hunter" on the D-wing droids, during their escape from Purkell[src]

The D-wing droid was a type of battle droid used by the Techno Union—which was secretly allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems—at their facility in the city of Purkell on Skako Minor. The D-wing droids were armed with built-in blasters and could use fold-out wings to enter flight mode, with an appearance and programming similar to the common Separatist B1 battle droid.

During the Clone Wars, the clone commandos of Clone Force 99 and two members of the 501st LegionJedi General Anakin Skywalker and Clone Captain Rex—infiltrated the Techno Union base to rescue the captured ARC trooper Echo. D-wing droids were deployed to kill the intruders, but ultimately failed as Echo was successfully rescued. After the rescue squad fled to the local Poletec village, more D-wing droids—along with octuptarra magna tri-droids—engaged the Republic forces in combat, only to be defeated again.



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