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D3RM3 was a BFF-1 bulk freighter in service with the Rebel Alliance Fleet during the Galactic Civil War.

During the the evacuation of Massassi Station, D3RM3 was loaded with a cache of grain and fled the Yavin system. When it was ambushed in the Lesser Plooriod Cluster by the Imperial frigate Avenger, the captain of D3RM3, unaware of the Alliance's shortfall of supplies, dumped the cargo container to flee the attack.

While Alliance High Command sought new sources of food, it dispatched another freighter, Trips, escorted by two X-wing starfighters, to secure the grain container for immediate use. Keyan Farlander and his wingmate succeeded in defeating several TIE fighters launched by Avenger and the corvette Assassin 1, protected Trips during the two minute transfer process, and escorted it back to Alliance High Command.