The DC0040 speeder was a civilian airspeeder model developed by Daystar Craft in the late years of the Galactic Republic. Advertised as the "Intergalactic" for its starship–like appearance, the DC0040 was later replaced by the DC0052 speeder, which was utilized by the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars.


The DC0040 speeder was a civilian issued personal transport airspeeder developed and manufactured by Daystar Craft; the DC0040 featured a number of design cues similar to those of a starship and had a high power–to–weight ratio.


Released by Daystar Craft in the last years of the Galactic Republic, the DC0040 speeder was advertised under the moniker "Intergalactic", which promoted the DC0040's power and starship–like design. DC0040 was successful, and the "Intergalactic" name would later be carried on to the DC0040's successor, the DC0052 speeder, which was used exclusively by the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars.

Behind the scenesEdit

The DC0040 speeder was first mentioned in the Databank winning entry for the DC0052 speeder in the Hyperspace contest, "What's The Story?," which allowed fans to write certain aspects of the Star Wars saga. The DC0052 entry was written by Nathan Butler—under the alias Nathan (ChronoRadio)—and "'The Dark Moose", although "The Dark Moose" provided most of the entry's information, including the paragraph in which the DC0040 is mentioned. The DC0040 was later mentioned in Daystar Craft's entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.


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