The DD-19 "Overseer" labor pool droid was a multitasking droid that was manufactured by Ubrikkian Steamworks during the early years of the Galactic Empire.


When the DD-13 cybernetic surgical droid line was discontinued after Darth Vader rejected Ubrikkian's renewal contract with the Empire, the company abandoned that model and concentrated on producing a new model of administrative droid. The result was the DD-19, produced from the schematics of the DD-13. This droid would prove to be a profitable item for Ubrikkian.


Designed to process the needs of managing the operations of several droids at once, the DD-19 was capable of monitoring over fifty units of varying types at a time. Field trials, however, proved that fifteen to twenty units was more manageable. As the head of a labor droid pool, the DD-19s had the authority to apply restraining bolts to unruly droids, as well as to remove them.

Notable unitsEdit

DD-19, assigned to the FarStar as an overseer in the droid repair bay. This droid was nicknamed the "slavemaster" as he demanded only the best from his droids, and pushed them hard.