The DH77 headcomm was a comlink developed by SoroSuub Corporation during the Galactic Civil War. Initial successes with the DH77 led to its widespread use at the platoon level in the Imperial Army,[1] and installed in stormtrooper helmets.[2] However, a serious flaw with the DH77 headcomm was discovered; the unit could be easily jammed by the presence of high energy particle emissions. Artillery explosions could create dead zones in which transmissions from DH77s were lost, and interference from a TIE/LN starfighter contrail could jam DH77s with a range of three kilometers. Despite the introduction of Herzfall Corporation's DH107, an improved comlink that was less prone to the problems that plagued the DH77, thousands of DH77s had been issued to field units, and replacement of the units was a low priority for the Galactic Empire.[1]


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