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DL-44 heavy blaster pistol
Production information

BlasTech Industries




Heavy blaster pistol


750 credits

Physical and technical specifications



1.3 kg


50 shots

  • 50 meters (optimum)
  • 75 meters (maximum)
Usage and history


The BlasTech Industries DL-44 heavy blaster pistol was a powerful sidearm from the time of the Galactic Civil War.


DL-44 tech drawing

DL-44 schematics

The DL-44 was a powerful, highly modifiable and accurate blaster pistol. It packed a heavy punch compared to other pistols without losing accuracy, which made it a prime choice among many groups and individuals, ranging from smugglers and bounty hunters to military and the Rebellion.

Aside from being a powerful and reliable sidearm, the weapon had other attractive features such as a vibration system built into the handgrip that pulsed gently to alert the user that the weapon had only five shots left, and the ability to charge a bolt twice as powerful into a capacitor without damaging the sidearm. Like most handguns, its gear typically included a motion-sensitive scope and galven circuitry that allowed the pistol to deal more damage with a normal energy drain and fire rate.


DL-44 in holster

A DL-44 with holster.

Originally designed by BlasTech and seen as early as 33 BBY, the weapon found increased use at the hands of outlaws and fringers on the edge of legality, groups like smugglers and the Rebel Alliance due to its capability to penetrate stormtrooper armor. This caused the Empire to put a restriction order upon this model, restricting and technically outlawing the purchase and ownership of the gun. This caused other companies to take advantage of the model and capabilities, releasing similar but tuned-down versions of the 44's, such as Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc.'s Flash 4 and model 57 blaster pistol. Their Power 5 was already being manufactured at the time, as it saw use during the Clone Wars.

The DL-44 was the weapon of choice of the General and Alliance hero, once-smuggler Han Solo, who removed the barrel-sight to facilitate his fast-draw, something that the Empire deemed to be an illegal modification of a blaster. In a later era, Jaden Korr, Rosh Penin and other New Jedi Order students carried DL-44 pistols when on missions where a blaster might be necessary. Some Imperial officers, workers, and saboteurs affiliated with the Disciples of Ragnos were issued DL-44 handguns. Mara Jade was also known to carry one of those on occasion. They were also the anti-infantry sidearm of choice for the Rebel vanguards, in addition to their anti-vehicle weaponry.

Behind the scenesEdit

The DL-44's design is based on the German Mauser C96 pistol. This famous gun was wielded by both its German creators and the Ottoman Empire during World War I, and wound up in the hands of such notable figures as T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) and Winston Churchill. The C96 pistol also saw service among various revolutionary movements throughout the world following the First World War. The original DL-44s of the classic trilogy were created from Mausers with simple muzzle and grip accessories, as well as a rifle scope mounted on top.

Kenner produced a full-size toy version of this pistol as part of its first Star Wars toy line in 1977. The toy was called simply a "laser pistol."


Han Solo TCG by Dainche

Han Solo wielding his DL-44 on Hoth.

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