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This article covers a subject containing comic or obvious non-canon material or that Lucasfilm otherwise declared to be non-canon in the new canon continuity.

Rowan and Roger Graballa mines

Rowan and Roger thank DLC-13

DLC-13 was a DLC-13 mining droid who worked at an ore mine in the Balgaroth asteroid field following the Battle of Hoth. DLC-13 was carrying out his duties in the processing plant when Rowan Freemaker, who was in trance-like state, was carried in the droid's pot. Rowan's minder the B1 battle droid Roger implored Rowan to snap out of the trance. Later, Rowan was separated and traveled on the conveyer belt. In the meantime, Roger managed to befriend the droid and convince him to save Rowan from falling into a vat of hot molten liquid. Before partying company, Roger told DLC-13 he was welcome to visit him at the Wheel space station.[1]


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