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The DSK-1 Deathstrike seeker droid was a battle droid developed by Arakyd Industries. The droid had a diameter of .4 meters and was armed with six mounted blaster pistols. The droid's normal mode of transportation was to hover through the air, though its special repulsorlift coils gave the droid the appearance of a rolling sphere. The droid had 360 degree vision and was fond of using tactical fire that completely filled a large area with blaster fire.

When used on the battlefield Deathstrikes were generally loaded into a special launcher that deployed up to six droids near the enemy. Some warlords in the Outer Rim were known to use these droids to stop riots and kill enemies. Until the end of the Clone Wars the droids were fairly uncommon, but once the droid was mass produced the Empire was quick to employ the droid with devastating effects on the battlefield. By 25 ABY, the droid's official use had been suspended, though they were still available on the black market.


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