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The DT-12 heavy blaster pistol was a heavy blaster pistol designed for species with long fingers such as Rodians.


The DT-12 was an expensive blaster used by Greedo. Non-Human humanoids prefer these blasters, due to their wider trigger guard and thicker handle allowing for larger hands and fingers to operate a conventionally sized blaster. Not to say that it did not see use among Humans; it was merely used by non-Humans more frequently.

The DT-12 required a power pack to operate and was able to fire 50 shots. This weapon had a close-range stun setting as well, meaning the wielder could switch the weapon to fire stun shots instead of lethal fire, however the close-range stun setting was limited to a range of only 9 meters. The DT-12 cost 900 credits to purchase, but its ownership and use was restricted to legitimate military organizations and police forces only.[1]



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