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Da'Harrin Spaceport layout.

Da'Harrin Spaceport was a major spaceport on Greyman's Planet. The spaceport was divided into three separate main areas; the passenger terminal, planetary patrol station, and the shuttle bay. The passenger terminal was concerned with the arrival and departures of passengers from the shuttle bay, whereas the patrol station was reserved for the local planetary patrol craft which included several small frigates and Z-95 starfighters. The shuttle bay, unlike most, has no separate landing bays. Instead, all ships land in the one hangar, and the port had a built-in warehouse for easy access for the traders.

Stern Traders handled the majority of operations in the spaceport so, when Roger Stern was captured for being a Rebel sympathizer, it caused the spaceport to go into chaos. A group of rebels took advantage of this chaos, freeing some of Stern's supplies which had been meant for them. While they managed to get the supplies to their ship, local security had been alerted and so they had to fight their way into space, and get past an Imperial Customs Frigate along with it's TIE/LN starfighter escort. Luckily for them, they managed to escape into hyperspace before any series damage could be inflicted.