Da'nor, also known as Planet X, was a planet in the Delantine system, near Romm. It orbited three stars and thus went through four seasonal changes each day. Stuart Zissu, C-3PO, 4B-X, and R2-D2 crashed on the planet in Escape pod 4. They were rescued from the planet by Granit. From Da'nor, Stuart was ordered to go to Romm. The language N'or was spoken on the planet. It was homeworld to large predatory birds and flying lizards.

Native speciesEdit

Predatory birdsEdit

They were almost as big as bonegnawers and produce a "caw" call. Major traits included a long, thin beak and large claws. Migrating north in the spring and south in the winter, they often bickered over food.

Succulent plantEdit

They had tough skin to keep water in. Inside of their leaves was water and a fruit edible to Humans and the giant flies of the planet.

Huge flyEdit

This creature was the size of a young Human's hand and enjoyed the water inside tough succulents.