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"These lizards must have a superior form of intelligence, even if they can't communicate. They must have figured out we want to go back to our own kind."

Da'nor flying lizards were reptiles found on Da'nor. They had wings, iridescent skin, and sharp claws and teeth. They communicated distress with "earsplitting shrieks". The lizards' natural habitat was in a forest near the equator.

Behavior and intelligenceEdit


A Da'nor flying lizard

The lizards were able, through strength of numbers and superior tactics push back a group of the predatory birds that attacked them. They used techniques such as the double flanking maneuver and in a pincer movement.

Although it does not seem the lizards are entirely sentient, they were intelligent enough to help fly Stuart Zissu, R2-D2, C-3PO, and 4B-X back to the nearest city by holding the ropes of their ruined hot air balloon.


Stuart Zissu took one as a pet while traveling on Da'nor.

Behind the scenesEdit

At one point in Star Wars Science Adventures: Journey Across Planet X, C-3PO refers to the lizard as a "Flying Lizard."