The Dadeferron family was a wealthy family of independent landowners from Kail.


Several members of this family were engaged in a dispute with the Corporate Sector Authority over the issues of land-use rights and stock prices. During a visit to the resort world of Maryo in the wake of his mother's death, Torm Dadeferron was approached by agents of the Authority's Security Police and agreed to spy on his family on their behalf in exchange for control of the Kail Ranges, which would have fallen to his brother, Trevim, in the event of the death of their father, Dixon. Shortly thereafter, Dixon, Trevim and several other relatives were kidnapped by the Authority and held in the Stars' End prison facility.

Torm continued to operate as an Authority spy and used the story of his kidnapped relatives to infiltrate the core leadership of a group dedicated to finding and rescuing political prisoners of the Authority. Though he managed to kill Rekkon, the leader of the group, Torm's efforts to undermine them were foiled by Han Solo, who jettisoned him out of an airlock into hyperspace and went on to free the prisoners of Stars' End. Though both Dixon and Trevim were among those rescued, the number of their relatives who managed to escape the facility is unknown.

Family treeEdit

           Dixon Dadeferron--+--Unidentified female
                   |                  |
            Trevim Dadeferron    Torm Dadeferron