"I'm going to be a warrior - a man of honor."

Dado was a Human male slave who lived in the town of Noua, located on the planet Telerath.


Born the son of a fisherman, Dado had much greater ambitions. Dreaming of becoming a warrior, he practiced with a vibrosword waiting for a day to challenge Mors Demanna, Telerath's greatest champion in a duel. When the day came that Demanna was holding open try outs for a position in their gang, Dado challenged him. Demanna, seeing that Dado was too young to participate in combat, told him to get lost. Dado, however, was too proud to back down and drew his sword ready to engage Demanna. At this moment, a former Jedi, Dass Jennir, used his blaster and the Force to shoot the sword out of Demanna's hand, attempting to save Dado. After explaining to Jennir the "Sword law" of Telerath, Demanna picked up his sword and cut off Dado's right hand, saying that it should be a lesson for the fisherman to remember his place.

The wounded and bleeding boy was brought to his mother's room in the Ember's Fire, where his mother, Nikollane, and another woman, Mona, treated his wound. Later, Dass Jennir visited him and used the Force to ease his pain. However, Dado saw Jennir's undercover actions with Musori's slaver gang as the opportunity to get into gang himself. He ran away from his mother, believing that breaking Jennir's cover story would make the slavers allow him into their numbers. However, before he could even get close to Musori's mansion, Jennir caught him and showed the true colors of the gangs, as Ken-Kiba and his gang disregard the sword law to ransack Musori's mansion.


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