Daedalus Gas Mines (DGM) was a gas mining company. DGM was run by the Daedala Twi'lek family. The Daedala family had a reputation for following hunches in its business decisions.[1]

One of its operations was the Friz Harammel floating city on Genarius, initially considered risky because Cularin system was almost unexplored at the time. Although the partners were not prone to this, the Daedala family supported the venture. When the operation was a success, the Daedala hired almost one hundred Twi'lek engineers, including Hid Toqema to work in Friz Harammel gas mines to appeal a cultural movement on their homeworld.[1]

The company also manufactured the AR-25 Bubbleship transport and the VA-13 Sweeper, specific ships for use in its operations, including Friz Harammel.[1]

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