"We are Taat. But we were Chiss once, and we understand how dangerous it is to underestimate them."

Daer'ey'ath, known by her core name Reya, was a Chiss intelligence officer.

By 35 ABY, Reya had joined and become the Prime of the Taat Killik nest. from this point on she became known as ReyaTaat. It was said that Reya was found in a cave and was bordering on starvation when the Taat took her into their nest and made her a voluntary Joiner. Given that the Killik concept of truth was rather flexible, it was likely that she was actually captured with force against her will.

In any case, it is unclear whether Reya survived the Swarm War, or if she became unjoined from the Killiks after Lomi Plo was destroyed and UnuThul subdued.


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