Dagger 1 was an Assassin-class corvette used by the Galactic Empire.


At some point prior to the Battle of Hoth, Dagger 1 was hauling torpedoes and its sister ship Dagger 2 was hauling TIE Series starfighter parts when they were ensnared by Rebel type B ion cannon minefield M2.[2]

A pair of Missile Boats were dispatched to free the corvettes and defend the repair operation carried out by Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transport Omega from the Rebel MC40a light cruiser Planka, which arrived to claim the prize the Rebel minefield had caught.[2]

The Missile Boats destroyed the minefield, the Rebel cruiser, and the starfighters the cruiser launched. The Dagger group then entered hyperspace to continue their mission.[2]


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