The Daggerstar, also known as the swoop racer, was a swoop model designed by Lhosan Industries and Kakkran, and produced in the Lower City of planet Taris. Due to the planet's widespread love for swoop racing, Lhosan swoop racer became very popular and was purchased in large quantities.


Although the Daggerstar had a cockpit similar to that of a landspeeder, its light construction, narrow chassis design and single-pilot capacity qualified it as a speeder bike. It was incredibly fast, but not nearly as maneuverable as most other speeder bikes, such as the AeroChaser speeder bike, also produced by Lhosan Industries. At high speeds the vehicle was sluggish if the pilot attempted to make more than minor course corrections, and the swoop had a larger turn radius than most repulsorlift vehicles. The swoop racer's ability to reach incredible speeds made it a popular racing craft, but the lack of maneuverability limited it to the races on a straight track with a few obstacles in the path.[1]


One such swoop was used by Revan to win the Tarisian Season Opener.[4] Another was owned by Davik Kang, who kept it on his ship, the Ebon Hawk. When Revan stole the ship with the help of Canderous Ordo, he found the swoop bike inside and later used to participate in racing on Tatooine and Manaan.[3] Kakkran was still producing the swoop under the name Daggerstar centuries later, during the Galactic War with the Sith Empire.



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