"I told them what everyone here already knows: that Dagio Belcoze is a second-rate slicer who for years has taken credit for coding written by far more gifted beings."
―Galen Erso, to Dagio Belcoze[src]

Dagio Belcoze was a male Iktotchi who worked as a computer engineer for the Galactic Republic. During the Clone Wars, Belcoze worked in Doctor Gubacher's artificial intelligence team that designed enhanced overseer droids to supervise the battle station labor force. At a Republic Futures Program reunion held in an apartment in 500 Republica, he ranted that the Republic should bomb the Separatist capital Raxus. After demanding details on Galen Erso's imprisonment on Vallt, he confronted the crystallographer and started a brawl, in which he lost due to slower reflexes. After the rise of the Galactic Empire, Belcoze was part of the research team stationed in the Project Celestial Power facility on Malpaz.[1]

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